Workshops are interactive experiences rooted in a vision for racial healing and reconciliation. We exist to unite and ignite people for racial justice and want to empower organizations to be architects of this change in their industries and communities. This work is critical for our current moment as a nation and we hope to be a solution for organizations who desire to push this movement forward.

Our Approach

Reflect. Connect. Direct.


When it comes to the topic of race people have a lot to say. It’s important for voices to be heard, AND we see value in starting from a place of pause. Our workshops provide the space to sit with thoughts and emotions. Reflecting is an essential part of the process of growing in greater understanding and healing.


We believe that relationships are foundational to learning and growing in greater awareness. It is through our shared stories about our lived experiences that we can get beneath the surface and into deeper and meaningful relationships and conversions.


In the broader conversation about race, words have often taken the place of meaningful action. We believe that there are tangible ways for us to make an impact and we want to help guide you by providing the space to consider what realistic steps you can take to make an impact at the micro, mezzo or macro level.


Our Workshops

Fear can impact our daily lives and decisions when it comes to conversations about race and systemic injustice. The content of this workshop inspires, encourages, and equips people to lead more meaningfully and effectively in everyday spaces by taking on a courage-minded perspective.

This workshop utilizes the issue of voting rights as an example to help individuals understand the systemic impact of minimizing the voices

Throughout history, artists have used their unique perspectives and talents to provoke, inspire, or stimulate social change. This workshop creatively generates inspiration

To highlight the importance of inclusion, belonging and elevating the dignity of those often marginalized, the immigrant and refugee experience in the US

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