When you give, liberation echoes.

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UNDIVIDED is rooted in the spiritual heritage of historic movements for freedom and justice, and together, we’re echoing bold bravery into today and beyond.


Liberation isn’t a moment, it’s movemental, and it echoes through the ages when people like you step into the ongoing journey with persistence and hope.


UNDIVIDED begins with you.
Are you in?


The LivingUNDIVIDED multi-week cohort experience helps people move from hurt to healing, from isolation to community, and from passivity to action.

What your gift can do: $140 –  Covers the cost for one person to experience the multi-week LivingUNDIVIDED multi-week cohort journey

The Gathering is for those who are seeking a belonging space rooted in Jesus and justice. The monthly virtual gatherings cultivate shared time of worship and reflection, offer moments of generative healing, and make space for connective learning and dialogue empowering Christ-followers to live into God’s vision for justice to realize beloved and flourishing community.

What your gift can do: $4,000 – Allows for 200+ people to experience The Gathering each month

The UNDIVIDED Fellowship trains pastors who are discerning that they should be taking Spirit-led leaps of faith and equips them with the courage, capacity, and community of support to be bold leaders in racial justice.

What your gift can do: $1,500 – Creates a spot for one faith-leader to attend the UNDIVIDED Fellowship.

Give Today!

UNDIVIDED is a legally registered 501c3, incorporated in the United States (EIN# 85-1596122).

Questions about Giving? Please reach out to giving@undivided.us and our team will be glad to help. 


Perhaps it was a long journey, a singular moment, or even an ongoing commitment. However liberation echoes through you; it’s worth celebrating! When we tell our stories, we allow reverberations to echo outward, expanding and impacting others with an invitation to life-giving freedom. As UNDIVIDED celebrates freedom and liberation we encourage you to share your unique story, too.


As we celebrate freedom at UNDIVIDED throughout June and into July, we’re exploring how Liberation Echoes through each of us. In honor of Juneteenth, we recommend watching the documentary film “Juneteenth: Faith and Freedom.” We believe this film has the power to inspire liberation and create ripples for freedom, healing, justice, and good news.

Our founding CEO, Chuck Mingo, recently had a conversation with filmmaker Rasool Berry, discussing Rasool’s motivation and calling to share about Juneteenth through the lens of his faith.

For more information on how to watch the film or host a screening, please visit: https://experiencevoices.org/juneteenth/

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