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Activating communities for racial healing and justice

We are meant for community & flourishing. Right now, it feels like we're more divided & disconnected than ever.


UNDIVIDED offers workshops, academically validated cohort programs, keynotes, and trainings that lead people toward awareness, through growth, and into action for racial justice in their communities and organizations.

More than a Book Club

Far more than a discussion group or diversity training, UNDIVIDED facilitates experiential programming. Our trained facilitators engage participants in courageous conversations that create measurable impact.

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Our Work


UNDIVIDED Learning Cohorts are seven-week experiences supporting businesses, organizations, and communities as they take meaningful action for racial healing and justice.

Designed for churches and other Christian faith-based communities

Designed for businesses and

Our Work


UNDIVIDED Workshops are interactive experiences rooted in a vision for racial healing and reconciliation.

The Impact of Exclusion

Highlight the importance of inclusion, belonging, and elevating dignity

The Power of Story

Understand, define, and share your story to bring power to your why

Leading in Empathy

Elevate the significance of empathy as a useful and strategic leadership tool

Workshops for churches and other Christian faith-based communities

Workshops for businesses and

Our Work


With a depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise, our Executive Team members can speak at your organization, event or church on a variety of topics related to racial healing and justice.

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