As a Church and a country, we’ve settled for a version of race relations that feels more like fearful avoidance than brave investment. Living Undivided courageously confronts racial injustice and invites us to imagine and work toward an undivided church. Chuck Mingo & Troy Jackson, pastors and co-founding leaders of UNDIVIDED, provide a pathway to racial solidarity and justice in this season of division and racial injustice.

Recognizing the racial division within our Church as well as the past and present racial disunion of our nation, Living Undivided leads readers to replace silos with solidarity, turn from avoidance to relationship, and move from simple engagement to actionable change. Through history, shared stories, and experiential exercises, Living Undivided will point you to the transformative tools to move your congregation and community to stand in racial solidarity, pursue healing, and seek justice.


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The Authors

Chuck Mingo

Chuck Mingo is the Founder and CEO of UNDIVIDED. A native of Philadelphia, he now calls Cincinnati home and even roots for the Bengals. Chuck serves as a teaching pastor at one of the largest churches in America, Crossroads Church. Prior to working at Crossroads, he spent nine years in the corporate world at Procter & Gamble. During a spike of the racial tension in America, Chuck heard a calling to be a voice for racial healing, solidarity and justice. The UNDIVIDED movement was born, and has since been reapplied across the nation.

Chuck and his wife, Maria are raising three busy kids. Chuck is passionate about his relationship with Jesus, his family, and about being part of what God is doing to transform communities through the “big C” church.

Troy Jackson, Ph.D.
Chief Strategies Officer, UNDIVIDED

Troy Jackson is a co-founder and part of the core team of UNDIVIDED. Dr. Jackson has been involved in Community Organizing over the past decade and continues to work for a pathway for citizenship for the undocumented, for an end to mass incarceration and the criminalization of people of color, and for universal preschool access. From 2014-2018, Jackson served as the executive director of the AMOS Project, a faith based organizing effort that regularly engaged congregations to work for racial and economic justice. Jackson is now leading Evangelical Strategies for Faith in Action. Troy earned his M.Div. at Princeton Theological Seminary and received a Ph.D. in United States history from the University of Kentucky.

Troy is a co-author of Forgive Us: Confessions of a Compromised Faith (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014), which explores the historic sins of the American Church. Troy’s book Becoming King: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Making of a National Leader (The University Press of Kentucky, 2008) explores the critical role the grassroots Montgomery Movement played in the development of King. After raising three children, Troy and his wife Amanda moved to their dream home -a cabin in the woods outside Cincinnati. 


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